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Practitioner Courses 

An experienced and qualified teacher/practitioner, I offer a number of courses for all tastes and needs. If you would like to learn meditation and establish a daily lifelong practice for wellbeing or for deep spiritual unfolding then Natural State has a system for you! 

Facilitator and Teacher Training 

Are you called to share practice and want to learn the art of guiding meditations or even teaching others to develop their own practice? Natural State a has two accredited levels, 

Meditation  Facilitator 

Meditation Teacher Training 


01 Practitioner 

Meditation Foundation
Patanjali's Path

Meditation Foundation  

Patanjali’s Path 

The 5 week meditation course will include teachings on and practice in the following themes; 


  • Why Meditate? 

  • What is meditation? 

  • How to transform tension and stress to relaxation and ease 

  • The Non Meditator's mind and the Meditator's mind 

  • Basic Breathing techniques - Praanaayaam 

  • The fours stages of mantra meditation (Amaram Hum Mahduram Hum) 

  • Progressive deep relaxation. 

  • How to begin, maintain and develop a trans-formative meditation practice. 

  • A total of 2.5 hours of 1-2-1 zoom or face to face tutorials. 

  • A course manual. 



Fees for Foundation course £100 . This course is a stand alone course and suitable for beginners and experienced meditators who wish to learn the Patanjali Yogic system and establish a basic practice. 

02 Practitioner 

Patanjali's Path Continued 

This 5 week course builds on the foundation course and will include teachings on and practices in the following themes; 


  • The state of union with the Self: Yogash Chitt Vritti Nirodhah 

  • Intermediate breathing techniques: Kumbakh Praanaayam 

  • Deep listening: Mantra 

  • The Four types of pain and suffering 

  • The Eight Limbs of Yoga: Ashtang Yog 

  • The levels of meditation: Samaadhi 

  • The Obstacles that are removed through meditation practice: Klaysh 

  • The troubles that may arise for the practicing mind 

  • A total of 2.5 hours of 1-2-1 Zoom or face to face tutorials. 

  • A course manual. 


Please note; To attend the intermediate course you are required to have attended and completed the foundation course. 

Fees for Intermediate course £100 or book with the foundation course and pay £180 for both courses 

Buddha Statue
Statue of Indian Goddess

03 Advanced Practitioner 

Visranti & Pratyabhijna 

Repose & Recognition  

Classical Tantra Meditation 

This 10 week course will include teachings on and practice in the following themes; 


  • Introduction to Tantra meditation(s) 

  • Tantric Psychology - The  Heart-Mind Complex  

  • Pure Motive and Course Sankalpa   

  • Tantric Wisdom: The Vijnana-bhairava-tantra 

  • Spaciousness Practices 

  • Central Channel or Core Practices 

  • Prana Practices  

  • Contemplation(s)  

  • Application in daily life 

  • The Malas of Impurity  

  • The Triad of Powers and Acts of Consciousness  

  • A total of 2.5 hours of 1-2-1 zoom or face to face tutorials. 

  • A course manual. 

  • Access to course members guided meditation Mp3s  


This is an immersive course for those with some experience of meditation and a yearning to go beyond transcendental practices to a rich and embodied spiritual practice. This course will provide you with a bedrock of methods and understanding for you to establish a meaningful and rewarding spiritual sadhana.   


Each of the practices learnt will be available (strictly for course participants) as MP3s, accompanying the course manual; detailing the content as a functional guide to starting, developing, and maintaining your practice, in order to facilitate the profound possibilities this course offers the spiritual seeker.  


The Fees for this course are £250 with an early bird discount of £25 if paid in full three weeks prior to the start date.  

04 Facilitator 

Wellbeing Meditation Facilitator 

Learn how to guide others in meditation from the heart of Awareness. No scripts, just simply coming form the heart. In this 25 hour course you will 

  • Learn the foundations of simple and effective wellbeing meditation.

  • Develop the required awareness cultivation techniques to confidently guide others in meditation without the need for scripts 

  • Understand the principles of a wellbeing, secular, meditation system

  • Demonstrate a good theoretical understanding of the meditation for wellbeing system. 


On successful completion you will receive IPHM accredited certification as a  Natural State Meditation Facilitator

Fees for this Facilitator Course are £450 paid in full at the start of the course.

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